My name is Taylor Brodbeck. I am a Freshman. My intended major is Computer Science. I am interested in Computer Science because I love problem solving. I want to learn more about Computer Science so I can work for Google and get one of those cool hats that Google employees get.

My favorite hobby is dance. I started dance class when I was 6 years old. I have learned all styles of dance from ballet to tap to hip hop. My favorite style of dance is ballet. Ballet helped me to have self-discipline, as well as teaching me some French and giving me the ability to lift my leg really high.

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  1. Make the dough into a circle
  2. Put some sauce on the dough
  3. Put some cheese on top of the sauce
  4. Add more cheese because cheese is really good
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
MA242 A+
PY205 A

This is a picture of my favorite hobby.