My name is Tyler John Clawson. I am in FYC at the moment, but I am interested in going into engineering. I am interested in this field because I love math and science. The combination of these two in this one field makes engineering the most interesting major their is out there. If engineering was not a possibility, I would want to go into agriculture because I love nature.

My favorite hobby would be playing video-games. I love the company square-enix because they make the best games. Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game series of all time. I also enjoy other games from other companies. My second favorite gaming company is Bethesda. I love the Elder Scrolls and Fall-out series from Bethesda.

sheep wolf.png Great Resume!!

  1. Get two pieces of bread
  2. Cover one piece of bread with about 5 pieces of smoked turkey
  3. Put pepperjack cheese on top of the turkey
  4. Put lettuce on the pepperjack cheese
  5. Put mayonnaise and honey mustard on to the other slice of bread
  6. Put the pieces of bread together and enjoy
classes expected grade
MA 141 A-
CSC 111 C
ANT 253 A+
Kingdom Hearts