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Welcome to my page! I'm glad that you've landed here.

My name is Thomas Cluen. I am currently a freshman at NC State majoring in Paper Science Engineering and Chemical Engineering. I chose Paper Science Engineering because I have enjoyed chemistry, science, and math throughout my life and saw this program as a unique way to learn more about paper, an item we use daily and take for granted. In addition, PSE has the highest average starting salary out of all the majors in the College of Engineering and I sure love making money.

During the past two summers I worked at the Jacksonville Country Club as a lifeguard. The work was very hot and boring but it payed above minimum wage which made working in such bad conditions feel more rewarding. My second summer lifeguarding I came into work one day was doing my job perfectly fine, but my manager called me inside and said the country club was letting me go without any explanation. I wasn't angry about it because I put all the extra time that I had into finishing the process of becoming an Eagle Scout.

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  1. CH201: Quantitative and Analytical Chemistry
  2. PSE295: Special Topics in Paper Science
  3. MA242: Calculus III
  4. EC201: Principles of Microeconomics
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