Mock Resume - tjdang

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My Major

Currently I am an Engineering First Year Student with an undeclared intent. As of now I am thinking of majoring in Paper Science and Engineering. My other to CODA options are Materials Science and Engineering and Civil Engineering. I am currently enrolled at North Carolina State University with an excepted graduation date of May 2020. If I decide to co-op, then my graduation date will be pushed back a year.

Why I Chose My Major

I have not chosen my major yet, I am still undeclared. I am thinking about Paper Science and Engineering. It's a growing field and I find it interesting. The major also doesn't just work with paper, but also biomass, which interests me. Coming into NCSU I know I wanted to go into more of a science based engineering, so as I explored my options once I got here I came across Paper Science. With a degree I intend to get a job out of college and work for an engineering firm.

Class Course Title Semester
Academic Writing & Research ENG 101 2
Calculus I MA 141 2
Pulping & Papermaking Technology PSE 201 2
Chemistry, A Quant Sci CH 201 3
Physics Engr & Scientists PY 205 3