Being a Dank Meme: The Paper With the internet rapidly expanding into an integral part of our daily lives, the typically shrugged-off and underrated medium of internet memes has a much larger influence on our opinions than we realize; memes can have the hidden power to cement previous thoughts as true or cause readers to question their views on society as a whole. Beneath the initial humor delivered by the synergy between the picture and caption of memes sometimes lies an almost subliminal intention the reader is unaware of, as is evidenced by multiple scholarly authors (Marwick; Andrew et al.). However, sometimes a meme is simply just that: a picture with a direct message that can be either positive, malicious, or even intended to market an idea (Owens; Gal et al; Manning). Put together, the internet memes the readers view surfing the internet on an average day expose their minds to an alarming amount of conflicting ideas and outside influences; Should this be the case? (Deaton)