Welcome to My Page

My name is Jed Doman and I am a Junior. I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering. One reason is because it is a science still in its infancy. That gives a lot of oppertunities to make new advances in it. It also gives me an excellent chance to help people. I also enjoy the challenge of it. I plan to go into developing prosthetics.

I like to play ultimate Frisbee. I have joined the club and meet most of my friends through it. It is a fun sport to play on days with good weather. Also It helps me stay in shape. We also go on fun trips.

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Egg Sandwich

  1. begin toasting bread
  2. cook two eggs sunny side up
  3. once eggs are almost cooked put a slice of provelone cheese on
  4. butter the bread
  5. put it all together