This is my webpage for homework 6, Welcome.

My name is Travis Gnapinski. I am a Freshman. I want to study Computer Science Engineering because I like math and computers. Another reason is that I can take my knowledge of Computer Science and apply it to a variety of different things. It can take me in lots of different directions. Also, the average starting salary looks nice.

My favorite hobby is playing video games. It began as a casual hobby and quickly grew to much more. I found myself making friends and playing competitively as I realized the skills I had. I now try to keep up with all the news and play a variety of different games. As my responsibilities grow, I find myself playing more casually again.


This is my Resume

How to Order My favorite Pizza

  1. Go to Domino's website
  2. Select Medium Deep Dish
  3. Specify Extra Bacon
  4. Give Address and Pay
Class Expected Grade
E101 A+
E115 S
MA141 A
CH101 B
CH102 A+
EC205 A
HI298 B

Uncharted 4