Tucker Grabau

Welcome to my E115 page


Hello world, my name is Tucker and I am a senior in Applied Mathematics. I chose my major because the requirements for what classes I must take are pretty flexable. I chose to focus on matrix analysis and applied linear algebra for my math side and I have taken chemisty and chemical engineering courses for regular and applied electives. 2017

Hobbies of mine are as follows.Riding my bike with my dog running next to me. Going with my dog to the lake for fishing, swimming, and boating. I also like to watch things develope and grow so, gardening is okay with me as well.

My dream job would be an application of the things Im learning at NCSU. I like the idea of regenerative medicine. Engineered tissues in place of cadiver transplants is inevitable.

Four cool NCSU classes nerds like me have taken:

  1. MA 523- Linear Transformation and Matrix Analysis
  2. MA 401- Partial Differential Equations
  3. CHE 311- Transport of Mass, Heat, and Momentum
  4. MA 451- Methods in Applied Mathematics II
Name Major
Jarred MSE Glen CSC