Welcome to my Webpage!

My name is Tyler King, and I am currently a student at UNCW. I am apart of the 2+2 program that allows me to get a head start on an engineering degree before finishing at NCSU. I am a sophomore and therefore plan to transfer into NC State this summer (2014). My current major is Computer Engineering. I have always loved working with computers and learning about the software and hardware behind it all. I look forward to being apart of the ever growing technology field.

My favorite animal is a white tiger. I feel the tiger in general is a powerful and beautiful animal, and the albino white puts it onto a whole other level. I am very sad that they are very endangered, and love to see them at various zoos around the world. I think animal preservation is a very important topic that needs to be taken seriously by everyone.

How to order a pizza:
  1. Get to the pizza place's webpage
  2. Decide what kind of pizza you would like
  3. Make sure you have enough money
  4. Submit and pay for your order
  5. Wait approximately 30 minutes for it to arrive

CourseExpected Grade
Math 162B
Physics 201B
Discrete 133A