Tyler Mathis' Mock-Résumé

Pic of me

About My College Studies

I attend North Carolina State University and I am majoring in Statistics. I expect to graduate in spring of 2020.

Why I Chose Statistics

Before I came into college, I struggled on figuring out what I wanted to do in college. I got into exploratory studies here at State to aid me in figuring it out. I started doing some research, looking at all the majors that were offered. I was looking to see if you fitted a lot of my likes and strengths. I found and chose Stats because I really love math and data and I also love to work with computers. In Stats, I get to work with all three!


Class Course Title Semester
Statistical Method ST 115 Fall 2017
Statistical Programming - SAS ST 305 Fall 2017
Calculus 2 MA 241 Fall 2017