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Tucker's College Degree

My intended maor is to be a mechanical engineer. I am taking classes to achieve my goal at North Carolina State University. I am enjoying my time here but I know my time up soon to spread my wings and leave. My expected year of graduation is the spring of 2019.

My Degree Plan

I intend to intern under a professional engineer for the first 4 years so that eventually I can become a licensed professional engineer. After I become a licensed engineer, I would like to pursue a job in the car related field. Better yet, a job in the field of motors would be more preferrable.

Tuckers Special Skills

Class Course Title Semester
Appl Diff Eq I MA 341 Spring 2017
Engr Thermodyn I MAE 201 Spring 2017
Engineering Dynamics MAE 208 Spring 2017
Solid Mechanics MAE 214 Spring 2017
Mech Engr Lab I MAE 305 Spring 2017