Hi, this website is all about me, a student from NCSU

My name is Travis, and I am currently a freshman at my University. I am studying engineering and normally someone would ask "which engineering?" The truth is, as a freshman you dont really get much of a chance to study your intended major due to introductory courses. That is true for me and true for the majority of freshman attending this university. I will share that my intent is to get a degree in environmental engineering. I chose this path because I care to make a difference in how we manage our resources We'll see if that changes.

In my freetime, I enjoy a sport called tricking. Its not a very well known sport, but it is a mix of martial arts kicks and gynastics flips. I used to practice at least 4 times a week last semester. This semester it has narrowed down to less than once a week. It keeps me fit and its really fun so I don't intend to stop practicing

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How to order my Favorite Pizza

  1. Travel to Queens, NY
  2. Find La Foccacia Family Restaurant
  3. Walk in
  4. Order a Cheese Pizza
  5. Enjoy burning the roof of your mouth

Course Expected Grade
PY 205 A-
CH 201 C-
COM 110 B+