Thomas Oweida: School and Favorite Animal

My name is Thomas Oweida. I am currently a sophomore and plan on graduating with a degree in material science and engineering, chemical engineering, or biomedical engineering. I am currently undecided but these are my top three. I chose them because I like biology and chemistry. I also enjoy problem solving.

My favorite animal is a monkey. This is my favorite animal because I used to be a gymnast and I think a monkey relates to that the best of all animals. Also as a kid I liked to climb trees. Not only do I like their physical characteristics, but they are also gifted cognitively. Monkeys are one of the smartest mammals.

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    How to Order Pizza

  1. Look up the phone number
  2. Pick up a phone
  3. Dial the number
  4. Tell the store what you want and your address
  5. Pay the delivery man
Class Expected Grade
E 115 Bio 183 BME 203

A Monkey