Welcome to the Spring Break Homework Assignment!

Hello! I am Todd Patefield and I am currently in the First Year College at NC State. I am a freshman and intend for my major to be statistics. Like most interested in this major, I am good at math. It is the wide use of statistics in everyday life that I have found I love. There is not a field of work that couldn't use a statistician. This unique aspect of statistics is why I would like to major in statistics.

My favorite hobby is martial arts. I started learning martial arts when I was 5 and have never stopped. I am currently ranked as an Assistant Instructor under a world famous martial artist, Richard Bustillo. This year, I am working towards my third degree black belt. Although my martial arts school is in Charlotte, I have found a Judo instructor in Raleigh whom I can learn from. Judo is a Japanese martial art that focuses on throws and wrestling type fighting rather than strikes which is much different than what I was use to in Charlotte.

Manga Characters
My Resume!
  1. Bring out the Whole Wheat bread, American cheese, turkey, and tomato slices.
  2. Place a slice of American cheese on each slice of bread.
  3. Place the turkey on the bottom slice of bread.
  4. Place two or three slices of tomato on the cheese on the top slice of bread.
  5. Place the parts together and eat it!

Sigung Richard Bustillo holding us when we were 5
Class Grade
ST 101 A
ENG 101 A-
PSY 200 A-