Welcome to my website! My name is Ty Perry and thank you for visiting!

Me playing guitar at my church

I go to North Carolina State University and I plan to be majoring in mechanical engineering. Hopefully I will be able to graduate on time in May of 2020 and then be off into the work force!

I chose to be a mechanical engineer because I have been a very creative person my entire life and have been able to problem-solve very well which means engineering is a good choice. I chose mechanical because I am fascinated in mechanics and how machines and vehicles work. With a mechanical engineering degree hopefully I will be able to work in a transportation company and design vehicles.

My special skills that are helpful to my degree field:

  1. I am very good at Spanish and am planning to minor in it
  2. I am very outgoing and willing to meet new people
  3. I am a good problem solver
  4. I am not afraid to get in front of a crowd and give a presentation
  5. I am comfortable with using the different computer softwares required by my degree field

Class Course Title Semester
E 115 Computing environments First semester, freshman year
E 101 Intro to engineering First semester, freshman year
MAE 206 Engineering statics First semester, sophomore year
MAE 200 Intro to mechanical engineering design First semester, sophomore year
MAE 208 Engineering Dynamics Second semester, sophomore year