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Hello! Im Tessa Schmidt! Im in the class of 2021, and therefore a freshman at NC State. I am a first year engineering major. I love problem solving and design and that is why I chose to pursue an engineering degree. I am a Textile Engineering Intent. When I was young I wanted to be a fashion designer. However, as I grew up I fell in love with engineering and feel as though Textile Engineering allows me to continue to be in love with engineering but keeps a little part of my childhood dream.

I do not have a current job as I feel it is important, especially as a freshman, to get a good grasp of my classes and college as a whole before getting a job here. I have had a few jobs but one that has always stuck with me is nannying. I have been a nanny for quite sometime and I nanny for two different families. I love nannying because I love helping and being with children. I think one of the best parts of being a nanny is watching the kids grow and learn throughout the years

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Classes at NC State

  1. MA 141 - Calculus
  2. HESS235 - Karate
  3. E101 - Engineering
  4. TE105 - Textile Engineering

Clubs/Organization Website
Kappa Kappa Gamma KKG Website
The Society of Women Engineers SWE Website