Tyler Sears

All About Tyler Sears Hi! I'm Tyler Sears! I am a junior studying mechanical engineeering at North Carolina State University. In the current economy, finding and keeping a job is tough; that is why I chose mechanincal engineeering. Mechanical engineeerers are very versatile and are considered an asset to most companies, and that is why I chose it as my major. When I'm not studying engineering (which is hardly ever) I am drag racing. I have been drag racing since I was 5. I have grown up around it and it has definitely become a part of my life. We race a 1989 Ford Mustang in an eighth mile in 5.9 seconds. Another way to put it is that we go 0 to 115 MPH in 5.9 seconds. My love of drag racing also contributed to my degree choice. Drag racing is my life, and I have a pretty good feeling that it always will be! NHRA logo Click here for my Resume
  1. Find Papa John's phone number.
  2. Call Papa John's
  3. Order meat lover's pizza from Papa John's
  4. Get in car and drive to Papa John's
  5. Pay Papa John's for pizza
  6. Drive home and enojy your delicious Papa John's pizza
Class Expected Grade
MAE 206 B
MSE 200 B
EC 201 A+
CSC 113 A
E 115 PASS
David Sears Racing