A Little Bit About Me

My name is Tom Cruickshank. I am a Freshman Engineering student and I am planning on majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. I originally thought I wanted to be a chemist but I realized that I prefer the hands-on nature of engineering as opposed to the more conceptual and laborious of chemistry. Ideally I will be employed by some contracting company and be a project manager. I would love projects ranging from materials used in small things like cell phones to large-scale projects like developing materials for spacecraft.

One of my main hobbies is running. I enjoy it because it is a daily opportunity to push my body further than it has previously been able to go and I know that every day I go for a run I am improving myself. It has also become a sort of sanctuary from all outside problems; a little portion of each day where I can burn off some energy without worrying about what I have to do. I also love seeing progress and achieving goals that not too long ago I would have not imagined were possible for me. Befriending other regulars who run is also a good social activity, and an easy way to meet other people who you have at least one hobby in common with.

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Ultimate Frisbee Action Shot

    My Favorite Pizza

  1. Acquire phone number of Luigi's Pizza
  2. Call the aforementioned restaurant and order as much pizza as you can afford
  3. Live in my neighborhood and make the 2 minute drive to the restaurant
  4. Devour the pizza and thank pizza gods for your geographical blessing
Class Expected Grade
E115 Satisfactory
Chem 201 B
Calc 2 A