Welcome. Here is some information about me, Toheed Khan.

My name is Toheed Ali Khan and I am a freshman at NCState University. While I am at NC State, I will be majoring in Computer Science. I chose this major because of I have an interest in computers and coding. I have taken many courses related to computing and software within high school and decided that Computer Science would allow me to utilize my skills.

My favorite hobby would be playing video games. Usually I'm on my PS3 and play Call of Duty, however if I have the chance I'll play Super Smash or Mario Kart on the Wii. I love playing video games because its relaxing and fun, especially with friends. I haven't played on either console for the past few weeks though because I'm focused on my school work, but I'll start playing again soon.

Youtube Resume
  1. Get in car and drive to Little Caesars.
  2. Get out car and enter building.
  3. Order only a cheese pizza.
  4. Pay in cash and return home with pizza.
  5. Get in car and return home.
Course Name Expected Grade
ENG101 A-
PS314 B+
E115 S
Super Smash Bros. 4