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Picture of me

My Education

My name is Tatyana Mikhailova, Tanya for short, and I go to North Carolina State University. I am double majoring in Civil Engineering and Applied Mathematics. I am also in the Co-op Program which extends my graduation date to May 2021.

Why I Want to be an Engineer and Mathematician

I want to be an engineer because my father is an engineer and I like working on larger scales. For mathematics, I just love doing math. So I feel as if I would be a happier person if I could find a job maknig me do just math everyday. With both degrees, I hope to find a job that I like so much, that I will not have to work a day in my life; whether that be teaching Calculus at a University, or building buildings for society.

Class Course Title Semester
MA341 Differential Equations Fall 2016
E115 Introduction to Computing Spring 2017
CSC111 Python Fall 2018