Thomas J. Kwak

Unit Leader
Professor of Applied Ecology

North Carolina Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
Department of Applied Ecology
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, North Carolina

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Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 1993.

INTERESTS: Fish and Mussel Ecology and Management, Conservation Ecology, Habitat Relations and Global Change.

RESEARCH: My research and that of my students centers around fish and mussel ecology, biotic interactions, and impacts of habitat and environmental alterations associated with global change -- especially in the stream environment.  The main emphasis of this work is in identifying physical and biotic influences on the ecological success of aquatic fauna at multiple spatial, temporal, and organizational scales and quantifying such relationships.  This includes studies of population and production dynamics, community interactions, habitat assessment and manipulation, ecotoxicology, food-web functions, density-dependent effects, and empirical and simulation modeling.  In addition to many sampling and parameter-estimating techniques, we've incorporated biotelemetry, automated antenna arrays, geographic information systems, stable isotope composition, contaminant analyses and bioassays, otolith structure and microchemistry, and software development into our research.  The ultimate goal of this effort is to incorporate our science into sound ecosystem and fisheries conservation and management.

TEACHING: FW 312, Fisheries Techniques and Management; FW 595, Management of Small Impoundments; Biol 580, Ecology and Management of Fishes; Biol 5061, Restoration Ecology.


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