Homework 6

Hello, my name is Tyler Bendl. I am currently a freshman here at NC State, and
I plan on CODA'ing into Biomedical Engineering. I have chosen to study BME because
the medical field has always interested me and so has the field of engineering.
I enjoy using math and science to solve everyday problems, and I think it is really
cool how this field implements problem solving into the medical field. Also, I may
go onto medical school after I receive my Bachelor's degree, so this field is a great
segway into medical school.

I have two favorite hobbies, and I cannot decide on which I enjoy more. I really
enjoy playing both volleyball and golf. I have been playing golf since I was 10,
and I also played throughout my time in high school. I still try to get out ever so
often to hone my skills, but it is hard to make time for a round of golf in college.
I also really enjoy volleyball. I used to play on a men's volleyball team when I
lived in Pennsylvania, and now, I play on an intramural team. I have had a blast
playing on this team.

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How to order my favorite pizza

  1. Call up Dominos
  2. Tell them you want to order 2 pepperoni pizzas
  3. Tell them your address
  4. Pay them once they get to your door and enjoy the pizza

Chem 101 A+
MA 242 A
Eng 101 A

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