This is a time with no history, Welcome to Mystery

My name is Terri Davis. I am a freshman on track to go into Paper Science and Engineering, although my status only says engineering first year. The PSE program at State isn't one of the most commonly known majors, so it's understandable when people ask why I chose it. The answer, though, is in the explanation of the question. The PSE program is this little program in the monster that is NC State's engineering school. It can be easy to get lost in the biggest school of a university of over 35,000 students and the hustle and bustle of the large school life can be overwhelming. PSE's small, family feel can help that transition smooth out easier, and it's not far from what I originally intended to go into, chemical engineering.

Next, they tell us to talk about out favorite hobby. With their reminder to be appropriate on my mind, I can tell you about sculpting. Sculpting is the art of using your hands to make new things out of an otherwise unassuming blob of material. It is the love child of getting down and dirty but keeping it classy and I love it. Sculpting gives me the opportunity to work with my hands and get personal with the material, but it also gives me a chance to create something unique and, just maybe, beautiful. It's something I'll be doing for as long as I have the time and the dexterity.


Resume here

Making a pizza

  1. Flatten out the dough however you please
  2. Starting from the middle, spread your sauce to the edges
  3. Cover the areas covered in sauce with cheese, as much as you please
  4. Cover the cheese and sauce area with your favorite toppings
  5. Bake and enjoy!

Class Expected Grade
MA 141 B
E115 Satisfactory
PSE 295 A

some sculpting I did for a project