Welcome to home of tlsanfor! (aka Thomas Sanford)

Hi! I'm Thomas Sanford, a freshman with intent to graduate in 2021 for Computer Science. I chose Computer Science because I have a pretty hefty amount of experience in the field, as I have used computers to accomplish a varied set of tasks, and have used my skills in the field as a professional software developer. If my plans for a degree in Computer Science don't work out, I intend to either pursue a degree in a similar field, perhaps change to music, or just continue working as a software developer.

Currently, I work for a company called Quintify. We specialize in building custom database systems for small businesses. The work I do mainly involes either developing either the front-end side of things, with a focus on JavaScript or HTML/CSS, or developing the back-end side of things, with more of a focus on PHP, JavaScript, node.js, AJAX, jQuery, and any other languages needed for specific tasks requested by clients. Lately, for automated regression testing, I've had to use Python, however upon switching to a different protocol for testing I now predominantly use JavaScript for writing tests.

Me, having graduated.

Most interesting classes I have taken:

  1. Computer Science 116
  2. Math 141
  3. Econ 201
  4. Chemistry 101

Clubs I want to join

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All Music People Homepage
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