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My name is Travis Sexton. I am an undergraduate at NCSU. I am majoring engineering, but I do not know which type. I'm interested in doing either chemical or computer science. For now I plan on chemical engineering.

My favorite break of school had to have been last summer. I had the best schedule for the summer. On weekdays I'd play video games, write, do chores, or work. On the weekends I'd hangout with my friends and we'd laugh through Saturday and Sunday the whole way. Then the process would repeat and everything was quite grand.

TvTropes >You feel compelled to read MSPaint Adventures.
  1. Prepare dough.
  2. Add sauce of your liking.
  3. Add cheese of your liking.
  4. Add any other toppings of your liking.
  5. Incinerate in oven.
  6. Enjoy.

Class Grade
CH 101 B+
PHI 205 A-
PSY 200 B+

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