Welcome to my wonderful web page

I'm Thomas Matthew Burroughs, a Freshman at NC State University. I live over in North Hall, the suitest (yes, pun intended) dorms I could have gotten. OK, bad jokes out of the way, here's some stuff about me. I'm trying to get into NC State's college of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. I've always been really into model aviation (flying stunt RC helicopters), and I have a love for physics and calculus. I discovered when I came here that I wanted to do something in the engineering field that involved a lot of dynamic physics and moving parts. My goal is to eventually work for LORD inc., a company that makes helicopter rotors and hub silencers.

My favorite break from school was Beach Week 2013, the summer after my senior year. Joseph Cole Tullos might be writing about this same event, since he was there as well and I can't think of anything else anyone would write about. Anyways, me and my friends went down to my beach house for a week. Beach week, in case that was unclear previously. We found one solitary manta ray and named him Raymond. Joseph cracked a safe that we found in my house. The look on his face was priceless! Probably because cracking that safe was 100% by accident. We also ended up destroying a cheap water trampoline. That was the fun part. Good thing I'm not majoring in English.

My Favorite Websites


Blade Helicopters website
Blade 550x photo saved in www


Steinway Pianos Website
Steinway Grand Piano Faceplate saved in www

And here's how to make pizza for some reason. Because everyone loves pizza

  1. Get some dough, tomato or marinara sauce or whatever is in pizza, lots of cheese, and any other toppings you want.
  2. Try to spin the dough on your fingertips, making sure you look like you know what you are doing as you fling dough everywhere.
  3. Cover whatever dough you have left that didn't make it onto the floor with toppings or whatever else and stick it in an oven for awhile until it smells burnt.
  4. Give up and call Dominoes

Classes I am taking and what I expect my grades to be

Class Expected grade
Chemistry 92 (A-)
Calc III 95 (A)
English 90 (A-)

This is a photo from that trip to the beach I mentioned before. Joseph is in the back, but we know him as cole.

Photo from beach week saved in www