Hello! Welcome to my page. If you read below then you will learn a little bit about me!

My name is Taylor Knott and I am a freshman at NC State. I am currently studying construction engineering and management with a mechanical concentration. Basically I am going to be the head project manager that does the plans for any of the electrical, plumbing, or air conditioning plans that go into a building. I chose to be a construction engineering major because I need to be able to see my work come together and used. I also nerd out when I talk about the different aspects involved when it comes to planning a proper system to go into a building. For example, where should you put the vents and the outlets while keeping efficiency high for not only the system's utilization but also the future cost to the buyer. Being a construction engineer also allows me to be outside and go to the different sites that my work is being applied to.

My Resume

Being outside is a large part of my life. I love to go on hikes and go camping and go kayaking or just going outside and building a bonfire to sit around and roasting marshmellows. All that being said, I think that my favorite hobby would be summed up into being called "naturing." I am currently on a mission to try to go to every state park in North Carolina in a year and a half's time. I chose a year and a half because camping and hiking in the winter is horrible. Being inside for too long makes me feel anxious so being an outdoorsy person just comes naturally to me. I hope that my construction engineering major allows me to be outside more than other engineering majors, but I guess we will see! camping map of state parks

Want to eat like me? As a college student, I find myself in a lot of situations where I am pretty tight for cash. Follow these instructions for the best pizza in the area!

  1. Google the phone number for Marco's pizza on hillsborough street.
  2. Call the people at Marco's and tell them that you are a student.
  3. Order a medium pizza with sausage on it.
  4. Go walk to pick it up yourself, because if you are going to eat pizza then you probably need to take a walk anyways.

Here are some of the classes that I am taking this semester and what I think I will recieve as a grade in them.

Class Expected Grade
Biology 183 Pass
Calculus 3 A
Physics 205 B+
Intro to the Old Testament A-