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Hello, my name is Tom McClymont. I am a freshman at NC State, and I am pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering (BME). I chose that major because of its unique combination of medicine with engineering practices. The combination that BME offers is one that will be extremely beneficial to my long-term goals. I plan on using the degree to go on to both graduate and medical school; so that I may earn both a Ph.D. and M.D.

The job that I want to have in the future is to help others in need. In the future, I want to be active in both Doctors Without Borders and Engineers Without Borders. The goal of being able to do both is to be able to help the most amount of people who need it. After serving multiple tours with both organizations, eventually, I want to own my own practice. I do not know where exactly I would want my practice; whether in the states or in another country, but I would still be helping those in need.

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Class Name
ARS 354
CH 102
E 101
E 115
EGR 101
ENC 1101

Organization's Name Organization's Website
Engineers Without Borders EWB - NCSU Chapter Website
The Helping Hands Project Helping Hands