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My name is Tom Mone and it's difficult to classify what year I am. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and an Associate's Degree in Science, therefore, I transferred in a lot of credits. However, I am technically at the Sophomore level in my courses. I am majoring in Electrical Engineering and chose this field for two reasons: 1- Engineering is a difficult field and I love a challenge and 2- Not being able to see electricity makes it even more challenging.

I use to work in Film and Television as a Key Grip, executing tasks ranging from lighting to stunt rigging. I also spent time as a Broadcast Manager on board Norwegian Cruise Line, leading small teams in the operation of live events, maintaining satellite signals, and troubleshooting all video equipment on board. Once I earn my engineering degree, I plan to work in power systems or controls; preferably for an accredited petroleum company.

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  1. ECE 303- Electromagnetic Fields
  2. ECE 305- Electromechanical Energy Conversion
  3. ECE 434- Fundamentals of Power Electronics
  4. ECE 455- Industrial Robotics Systems
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