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As a freshman in mechanical engineering, I am presented with the opportunity to learn about creativity, problem solving, design, and the struggles that fall in between. Coming into the program, my experience will have been primarily theoretical, understanding the aesthetic desires of a customer, with little regard for the real application of the design. Often product designers are cited for not having a practical understanding of what is feasible in the manufacturing industry. I am interested in changing that perception, learning how to balance attractive design with simple and attainable engineering solutions. It is important to me that the things I create reach an equilibrium of form and function.

My favorite hobby has been athletics for my entire life. Since I was a toddler, I always was doing something related to sports. At age 4 I had a basketball hoop in my room, and things only escalated from there.Throughout High School, sports played a major part of my life as I was involved in 3 Varsity sports throughout all 4 years of high school. College has presented an interesting adaption as I have to seek out athletics more than I am used to. With that said, I am coping through packing my free time with intramural sports.

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How to Make a Pizza

  1. Try
  2. Fail
  3. Call Domino's
  4. Order for Delivery
  5. Wait 30 Minutes and Enjoy

  6. Class Expected Grade
    E115 S
    E101 A
    MA 141 B
    HON 202 B