This is a thingy-do about ME!

Hello there reader, my name is Timothy Towers and I am a super cool guy. I would go out on a limb to say that I am probably one of the coolest freshman you will ever meet (until I become a sophomore). I believe that I am going to do Paper Science and Engineering as my major. I absolutely adore Chemistry so I obviously want to make sure that I continue to use my knowledge of Chemistry with my occupation later on in life. Paper Science and Engineering will allow me to study the chemical properties of pulp and paper and the processes that refine the pulp into paper. Because of this, I am confident that I will have a fruitful life and career following this degree path.

I am a man of many hobbies. The one activity that I enjoy that sticks out the most is my enjoyment of lacrosse. I have not personally been playing for that long but it is a truly magnificent sport. It is known as the fastest sport on two legs and it is one of the most difficult sports to participate in. Having the ability to keep control of the two inch in diameter ball and accurately move it from player to player and eventually into the net is a feat that not many can do well. Aside from playing it is also a very enjoyable sport to watch and that's why I love it so.


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How to make a sandwich that will bring tears of joy to your eyes

  1. Go to the store and buy bread
  2. Go to the deli section of said store or another store to purchase honey maple smoked ham, salami, sliced turkey breast, and provolone cheese.
  3. Go to the location that the sandwich will be prepared (preferable a kitchen or at a table of some sort)
  4. Open the bag that contains the bread and take out two slices of bread (never a heel piece though)
  5. Acquire a knife (make sure it is sharper than a butter knife but not as sharp as a pocket knife)
  6. Take mayonnaise jar and put the knife into the jar and then take knife out and spread on bread
  7. Place the meats and cheese in this order
    1. Honey Maple Smoked Ham
    2. Sliced Turkey Breast
    3. Provolone Cheese
    4. Salami
  8. Enjoy

  9. Class Expected Grade
    E115 S
    CSC112 A
    MA242 B

    Lacrosse Super Coolness

    hooray for lacrosse