Tracy Voyles's E115 Independent Assignment 5: Webpages

Welcome to the Website I've Created to Demonstrate my Understanding of Basic Web Design!

Hello! My name is Tracy Voyles and I am in my first year at NC State as an engineering major. I haven't decided which discipline of engineering I would like to enter yet, but really hope to CODA into mechanical with a minor of computer programing at the end of this summer. My dream job would be to help the environment by making driverless cars and smart vehicles more sustainable. Last year, I had a research internship with Google in this area where I conducted research which optimized the shape of the driverless car to lessen the drag force. It is my dream to get a job where I could do exactly this and I'm very excited to see what ends up happening.

Currently, I work as a swim instructor at Aqua-Tots in North Raleigh. I teach swimming classes to students who are aged 3-5 and just learning to swim and also to more advanced students of all ages to expand upon their skill level of different strokes, speed, and stamina. Obviously this isn't what I want to do for my whole life, but I'm grateful for the position as it is helping me pay for school and the management is very understanding about me having a hectic schedule due to being a student. I really love my students and their parents, and feel lucky to have had to opportunity to get to know these families. I will continue this job as long as I can, but I am working very hard to get a Co-op and will inevitably have to leave swim instruction if Co-op works out.

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The Most Interesting Classes I've Taken at NC State Include:

  1. CSC111- Intro to Python
  2. ENG219- Non-Western Literature
  3. MA241- Calculus II
  4. PY205- Physics
  5. CH101- Chemistry

Some Organizations I am a Part of at NC State Include:

Name of Organization: Link to Website:
Global Village Global Village Website
Intramural Soccer IM Soccer Website