Homework 5a

I am Tyler Ash. I am a first year student at North Carolina State University. My intended major is Mechanical Engineering. I have chosen this because I enjoy the problem solving of engineering, and knew from experience from doing Robotics competitions in high school that I enjoyed working with mechanical things. I have also enjoyed physics, much more than chemistry or biology, and felt that this would be a much better fit than other majors requiring more focus in those areas.

My favorite break from school was the summer break after my junior year of high school, so the summer of 2011. This was my favorite break because during it I got to go on a mission trip to Tennessee. This mission trip, which was a part of the Appalachia Service Project organization, was a home-repair ministry focused on rural areas of Appalachia. This is an especcially poignant trip to go on because often it does not strike people that there is poverty so near to us. Also during this break from school, our family took our yearly trip to West Virginia to gather for a pig roast on Independence Day.

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How to Make a Pizza, when you're bad at making pizza

  1. google search for the nearest Pizza restaraunt
  2. call phone number provided on internet to order pizza
  3. wait
  4. receive pizza

Expected Grades in Classes

E115 E101 MA242 PY208 HON202 EC205
Grade S A+ A+ A A- A+