My Homework 6

My name is Tyler Jordan. I am a freshman. I am in Engineering with a Biomedical Intent. I want to do Biomedical Engineering so I can turn people into cyborgs. I want to create a cyborg army and rule the world.

My favorite hobby is Tennis. I played tennis for three years in high school. I would do intramural or club tennis, but I would probably get creamed. I used to have a really sweet serve, but I haven't played as much so I lost it. My favorite tennis player is Wawrinka.

My Resume
  1. Go to Red Sky Pizza in Talley
  2. Order 2 slices of cheese pizza
  3. Wait 15 minutes because they just sold the last slice of cheese pizza
  4. Eat pizza and cry because this terrible pizza is the best I can get with my meal plan
Course Name Expected Grade
PS 204 A+
E 101 A+
MA 241 A+
CH 101 A+
CH 102 A+
HESS 251 S
E 115 S