Welcome to Tyler's awesome website!

My name is Tyler. I am a freshman in first year engineering. I will most likely go in to material science engineering. I chose this because I love chemistry and would like to learn more about the chemical process that go on behind the scenes in creating the materials around us. I am excited to have the opportunity to CODA into this department soon.

My favorite animal is the dog. I like dogs because they are always playful. They have a slight edge over cats in my opinion because they are more consistent in their willingness to play with you. I will likely get a dog whenever I am out on my own. I do not have one now because the rest of my family likes cats.

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  1. Buy crust
  2. Buy cheese
  3. Buy pepperoni
  4. Buy tomato sauce
  5. Watch mom make pizza
Class Expected Grade
Calc III A
Chem II B+
Physics C