Welcome to the life of Tate Altman

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About my college career ~so far~

I love NCSU! My college, North Carolina State University, rocks! My major is civil engineering intent which I am so excited about! I went to a department meeting and loved it! I am planning on graduating in May of 2020, fingers crossed!

WHY I chose CIVIL!

Going into my first year, I was an MAE intent because I thought I might want to join the military and be a pilot! Obviously this didn't work out. Day after day, I would ask myself, is this the right choice for me? Will I be happy doing this for the next four years, for the rest of my life? Can you guess the answer? I really enjoy civil engineering because it has a lot of promise for the future and for my career as an engineer. I am planning on graduating and working for my aunt who is a civil engineer and is the president of her company in Los Angeles!

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus II MA 241 1st semester freshman year
General Chemistry CH 101 1st semester freshman year
Calculus III MA 242 2nd semester freshman year
Introduction to Engineering E 101 1st semester freshman year
Physics I PY 205 2nd semester freshman year