Welcome to my Happy Place

Hello, my name is Thomas Petrovich, I am currently a Freshman and I intend to graduate in 2018. I intend to major in either Computer Science or Chemical Engineering because I enjoy programming but I also enjoy chemistry and the sciences. The benefit of being a Computer Science major would be that I would be allowed to create things all day and the field for a professional degree in Computer Science is expanding. The benefit of being a Chemical Engineering major would be that I get to work in a lab setting, something I have always enjoyed. Both of these degrees are in safe fields of work that would be hiring.

I don't do much in my spare time, but a few things I do are play video games such as league of legends, program in java and C, watch tv with my girlfriend, and tutor friends/work in a chemical stockroom. Of these I say that playing league and working in the chemical stockroom are hobbies. In league I like to play either support or top lane because I feel that I can control objectives for my team in those roles. I also have a good friend that plays adc when I support which makes that role significantly more fun. I consider working in the stockroom a hobby because it is fun and I meet all kinds of interesting people doing it.

Vladimir the best league character
Second Favorite Website
  1. Place bread on plate
  2. Glop peanut butter on bread
  3. Smooth out peanut butter
  4. Place a piece of bread on top of peanut butter
  5. (optional)cut of crust

Class Expected Grade
E115 P
MA141 A
EC201 A
ENG101 A
CSC116 B+

Nami the fishlady