My name is Tyler Alfonzetti. My intended major is nuclear engineering.
I chose engineering because of the oppurtunities that come with it in regards to salary and variety of jobs.
The reason I chose Nuclear specifically is because of it has several applications in the medical field, which I'm interested in.
For example, a lot of machines in hospitals such as CATSCAN devices use nuclear radiation to create images

My favorite hobby has to be Ice Hockey. I live in New York where hockey is much, much bigger than it is down here in North Carolina.
However, I still play for the NC State Club Hockey team, which I really enjoy. Throughout the year we got to travel to tournments and games
in places such as Virginia and South Carolina. Road trips are really fun, plus they get me out of class.

Patty Kane Celly
My Resume
  1. Pick up a phone
  2. Dial Domino's number
  3. Ask for a large pizza to be delivered
  4. pay the delivery man when he arrives

Class Expected Grade
Calculus A
Physics A-
E115 Satsifactory

Team USA swag