Welcome to my homework assignment

My name is Tyler Atkinson. I am a second year Chemical Engineering major here at NC State. There are many reason I chose this major. However, it mostly boils down to my love of science - particularly chemistry - and wanting to do something productive in life. As Neil Armstrong once said, "Science is about what is. Engineering is about what can be."

My favorite hobby would be spending time with friends. I really just enjoy who I'm with rather than what I am doing. The most fun I can have is whatever my group of friends decides we should do that day. This varies from going to the beach, the movie theater, or the mall to staying inside playing videogames all day. A few of us often try to overcomplicate things like trying to find a way to get around the mall in a number of steps as close to some arbitrary amount, or spend fourty minutes finding the most efficient way to do something trivial and only manage to save a minute of two of time.

My favorite webiste: pandora picture

This is a link to my Résumé.
  1. Make dough into circle.
  2. Make Pizza sauce.
  3. Put pizaa sauce and cheese on circle of dough.
  4. Put it in the oven to cook it.
Class name Expected Grade
ChE 205 C+ or B-
E115 S
E 201 A
Picture with friends