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Hi, I'm Tarun Ravada. Freshman, Year of 2019 at NCSU. I'm majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Electrical engineering is a very fascinating field and there is alot to explore in this field. Electrical and computer engineering is a field that has a lot of use and impact in the field of robotics. It has long been my wish to work and research in the field of robotics. It is a growing field that has a lot lot of potentianl and implications in the world in the near future. Obtaining a degree in this major is my first step towards research in Robotics.

My favourite hobby is photography, it's been my hobby for a long time now. Photography is science and art of capturing real life scenes in a camera. It enables us to relive past moments and experience by reminiscing about them! I really like taking photos of landscapes and the night sky, though it's a tedious process it's really enjoyable. it's an art that i find very fascinating and enjoy the most.

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    How to order my favourite PIZZA!
  1. Go to papajohns.com on your web browser
  2. Click on Menu
  3. Select Create your own Pizza
  4. Choose crust size and click Next
  5. Select Original Sauce and click Next
  6. Add Jalepenos, Olives, Green Pepers for topping and Add to Cart
  7. Go to your cart and checkout
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Class Expected Grade
MA 241 A+
PSY 200 B+
PY 205 A
ECE 109 B

Here is a picture I clicked at Flume Gorge
Water fall