Tyler Foland

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College Education

My name is Tyler Foland and I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University. I plan to double major in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering and minor in Biological Sciences. My planned graduation date is May 2020.

Reasoning and Intentions

I chose this double major because a degree in Mechanical engineering will give me a broad knowledge base that can be applied across many areas and a degree in Aerospace engineering will provide me with specialized knowledge applicable in the Aerospace field, which I am particularly interested in. I'm not 100% sure what I want to do with these degrees yet. With that being said, I would love to create new technologies and innovate for the future.

ClassCourse TitleSemester
Calculus IIIMA 2421
Appl Diff Eq IMA 3412
Prob & Stat-EngrST 3702
Physics Engr IPY 2052
Intro to Comp - MATLAB CSC 1132