Tucker Fulle

Picture of me

My Intended Major

I am currently a Freshman majoring in Exploratory Studies at NC State University. I plan to CODA and change my intended major into either Civil or Mechanical Engineering at the end of this semester. My anticipated graduation date is in May of 2020, as all majors that I am considering can be completed in 4 years or less.

Why I chose this major

I am currently in Exploratory Studies because I changed my intended major to that after I was deferred from Engineering. I wish to major in Civil or Mechanical Engineering because those are the two majors that interest me the most. With either of these degrees I plan to become an Engineer. Ideally I would like to become a Civil Engineer and help design houses, buildings, bridges, roads, and so on.

Special Skills pertinent to this degree feild

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus III MA242 Spring 2017
Physics II PY208 Fall 2017
Intro to computing: Python CSC111 Spring 2017