Weclcome to my homework 6 assignment

Hello, I am Troy Luddy, a freshman at NC State University with the intent to be a material science major. I chose material science because I have always been pretty interested in chemistry and have done well in it so I did research into chemical majors and found material science. I did research into it and it sounded like what I wanted to do. I also had a mentor who highly reccommended that I do material science at State so I definiitely took that into consideration when making my major choice.

My current favorite hobby is longboarding. I purchased a longboard over the summer to use purely as transportation between classes. Once I began getting better at longboarding I discovered how fun it was and began riding not only for transportation but also for joy. I have a pretty nice board with mid-range wheels and trucks but I am currently looking to upgrade to better wheels so I won't fall as easily when I hit chipped bricks in the brickyard. I am still very scared of going downhill super fast though becuase I don't want to die.

Reddit Resume
  1. Look up PapaJohn's number
  2. Call them and order a meatlovers pizza for delivery
  3. Wait
  4. Pay the delivery person and eat the yummy pizza
Class Name Expected Grade
E101 96
Eng101 94
Bowling 99
E115 Satisfactory