Tucker Mills' Resume

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I am a First Year Engineering student at NC State University intending to major in Civil Engineering. I expect to graduate in May 2020.

Career Plan

I chose civil engineering from a wide selection of engineering fields because of my desire to create, maintain, and improve infrastrucure. My interests in math, physics, and problem solving along with an appreciataion for nature inspires me to want to improve the world around me as populations continue to grow and environmental awareness becomes a growing priority. The dynamic work environment of civil engineering, which includes a balance of time in the office and in the field, is also appealing. I would enjoy working in a team setting to help improve my community, whether it be small-scale or large. With a Civil Engineering degree I would hopefully work for a firm or branch of the government that would allow me to meet these goals.

Skills and Qualities

Academic Background

Classs Course Title Semester
PY 205 Physics for Engineers and Scientists I Spring 2017
CE 214 Engineering Mechanics-Statics Fall 2017
CSC 111 Intro to Computing: Python Fall 2017