About Me

My name is TJ Safon. I plan to major in Mechanical engineering. I will graduate in 2015. I want to study mechanical engineering because I am good at math and sciences. I also chose mechanical engineering because I have always been curious how things work.

My favorite break from school was spring break in 2011. During this break, I went on a cruise. The cruise took me to the Bahamas. This was my first time on a cruise ship and out of the country. I had a lot of fun on the cruise and I was able to go to the Atlantas water park which was fun.

Carolina Hurricanes Website NHL.com
How to Make a Ham and Cheese Sandwich
  1. Grab two pieces of bread
  2. Place a piece of ham one piece of bread
  3. Place a single piece of cheese on the piece of ham
  4. Add a small amount of ketchup on top of the cheese
  5. Place the other piece of bread on top of the sandwich
  6. Eat the sandwich
Classes Grades
E115 Pass
E101 A
SOC203 A
ENG101 B
PY208 A
EC201 A
Cruise Ship