Oh yeah, it is. I'm Tyler Sanderson. Welcome.

Hey! My name is Tyler Sanderson. I'm a freshman at NC State and I plan to major in biology, but I haven't decided yet. Originally I was going to major in chemical engineering, but I don't think that I am meant to be a chemical engineer. Biology has many different branches which can be an advantage when entering the job field. I would prefer to be a pharmaceutical salesperson. It is a very interesting career, and it can involve a lot of traveling which would be preferable.

I really enjoy playing soccer. I have been playing since around sixth grade for my schools as well as for a club team. Initially I planned to play in college, but the plans fell through at a school I was going to attend in Missouri. After that I decided that NC State would be my home for the next four years. I do play on a coed intermural team at State though. Our season ended recently and our team ended up not playing any games due to cancellations or forfeits.


Where do state students buy their clothes?

How to order a sandwich, T-Money style

  1. Select bread, preferably money. If not, just white
  2. Next comes to the meat, definitely pepperoni and salami
  3. In case they forget, ask them for the sandwich toasted. Essentials
  4. And the toppings: lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, oil, and vinegar
  5. Make sure they DO NOT put any cheese. No me gusta nada.

How I'm doing this semester

Class Name Expected Grade
CH101 B+
E115 S
ENG101 A-
CH102 A+

Super star soccer player