Welcome to my life that is all about football, music, friends, and fun!

Hello everyone! My name is Taylor Wingate and I am a freshman in engineering. I am currently undecided concerning the certain discipline of engineering I want to pursue as a career. As of right now, I am trying to decide between Mechanical and Industrial engineering. I am interested in mechanical because I love working hands on and I like the math and calculation based work. I also like industrial because I am fascinated by process management or manufacturing and making things more efficient. I hope to decide which discipline I want to CODA into by the end of this semester.

My favorite hobby is probably playing the violin, hanging out with my friends, or talking about/watching football. I would say football is something I spend an extreme amount of time on and I am not ashamed of that at all. I am really into NFL more than any other level of football. My favorite team is the Carolina Panthers because I am from Charlotte and Luke Kuechly is drop dead gorgeous. My Sundays are basically dedicated to football because I watch NFL Morning and all the pre-game shows on my phone and then I watch the afternoon games, the evening games, and then the Sunday Night Football game. I love cheering for my teams, talking about all the players and their stats, and watching the game while actually knowing what is happening and the logistics of the game.

Hawaii Five O

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How to make my favorite sandwich/not really a sandwich/burrito (The Homewrecker Burrito from Moe's)
  1. Flour tortilla
  2. Chicken
  3. Rice
  4. Refried beans
  5. Lettuce
  6. Cheese
  7. Onions
  8. Sour Cream
  9. Guacamole
  10. Queso
  11. Fold it all up and enjoy with a side of chips and queso!

Class Grade
MUS206 97
PY205 95
PY206 100
MA241 100
E115 Satisfactory
E145 100
EC205 94

Luke Kuechly and his Carolina Panther hotness