IT IS I, TYLER! also Welcome!

It's me

What I am studying!

I am a sophmore in Biomedical Engineering at North Carolina State University. My expected graduation year is 2019.

But why?

I have always wanted to work in the medical field when I was a small child. As I got older I lost the drive to follow this career path. When I came upon BME as a major I
instantly fell in love with it. Math was a strong subject for myself and I have a fairly strong background in the sciences. When I recieve my four year degree I hope I can
join the industry and work in the field. As long as I am helping people I will be happy with my results.

Class Course Number Semester
Computing Enviroments BME 201 Fall 2016
Dynamics MAE 208 Fall 2016
Differential Equations MA 341 Spring 2016
Physics 2 PY 208 Summer 2016
Biomedical Measurements BME 204 Fall 2016