Welcome to my Website

My name is Thomas Avey, a freshman in Materials Science and Engineering.
I chose this major because of my interests. Nanomatials and their applications
in many fields. Metials scientists work on everything from solar pannels and
wearable computers to prostetics and artifical organs. I am interested in the
technological applications of Materials Science, but I'm still open to other
directions if I find one that I'm more passionalte about. If you ahve any
questions about Materials Science and Engineering please feel free to
check out their Website.

Now I know what you are thinking, "Thomas, you must do something
other than studing,Right?" I'm glad you asked. When I'm not doing academic
work, I'm usually reading, juggling, or hanging out with my friends. If I had
to pick only one activity I would probable pick reading. Books are the the best.
They show us diffrent places and allow us to experiance the life of someone else
for a while. I hope you find reading as enjoyable as I do, but even if not. It is
important to find something to help keep you sain through college.


To Make a PB&J Sandwitch
  1. Get Bread
  2. Get Penut Butter
  3. Get Jelly
  4. Get Knife
  5. Use the knife to spread the Penut Butter on one peice of bread
  6. Repread step 5 with Jelly insted of Peanut Butter
  7. Put the Jelly side ontop of the Peanut Butter one
  8. Enjoy
Class Grade
E115 S
Chemistry 85
Calculus 2 80