My name is Tristan Emm, and I am a first-year engineering student here at NC State University. My ultimate goal is to CODA into the Mechanical Engineering program. Ever since a young age I have been fascinated by mechanical workings, and hope to make a career out of it. I am currently attempting to find Co-Ops, internships, and research positions in my field of interest. This field of interest sways between motorsport engineering, and the defense industry. My career goal is to create my own company designing and creating exo-skeleton suits for the U.S. Military and civilian use.

A hobby that I spend a great deal of time to is climbing and mountaineering. As a child I always loved the outdoors, and spent the majority of my time outside working on projects. As I got older I started adventure sports like climbing, backpacking, skiing, white-water rafting, and mountain biking, but could never put an exceeding amount of time into them due to my commitment as a national level swimmer. After I made the decision not to swim at the collegiate level, I finished my swimming career, and began to train for climbing. My skill level immediately increased, but I have been too busy with school to maintain my training. However, I am the CEO of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called Summit For A Soldier, and will need to pick up training back up in the Spring semester for a fundraising climb this coming Summer.

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    How To Make My Favourite Pizza

  1. Get flour
  2. Mix flour and Magic pixie dust
  3. Add required liquids to the dry mix
  4. Use Ammonium-Nitrate and Fuel Oil and a compression unit to mix
  5. Hope the carbon content of the now ruined pizza was high enough...
  6. Cut the core of the compression rod in search of the carbon substrates of the pizza...Aka Diamonds

  7. Half-Dome
    Class Name Expected Grade
    E115 Pass
    E101 A+
    MA141 B+